The feeling I get from finishing a difficult project is comparable to how I feel after a particularly good orgasm. It’s a feeling of intense satisfaction coupled with a feeling of contentment. Only with the knitting it can go on for days.

That satisfaction and…well…endorphin rush for the lack of a better term, is one of the primary reasons I knit so much in the first place. Not to mention the ridiculous amount of pride I get from showing off one of my works or the way someone’s face will light up when they see what they’ve commissioned me to make.

I make a ridiculous amount of mistakes in my day to day life. I’m a space cadet and a scatterbrain. I’m not trying to throw a pity party or anything. I don’t feel any negative emotion toward what I’ve written. It just is what it is.

Knitting is so special to me because I can focus. Almost everything I do mentally improves dramatically when I have yarn and needles (or a hook) in my hands. I am not a space cadet when I’m knitting. I am entirely present. It’s a wonderful feeling. Then I finish, have that marvelous endorphin rush, and get to rush off to the next pattern puzzle.

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