Invader Zim potential oops?

Now one thing you must understand about me is that I am TERRIBLE at gauging anything. It’s one of the reasons I stick so closely to toys. It really doesn’t matter what size a toy is for the most part. With clothing….well…I’ve even tried knitting swatches to try and get my measurements right, but I still get it wrong.

I usually have some luck when I measure things on my own body. I can add and frog as needed. Unfortunately, hats are a bit of a problem still. See, I have a very small head…

Which leads me to the topic of this particular blog – an Invader Zim hat that a dear friend commissioned. It’s not done yet but…well…see for yourself

I’m going to take it to work with me tomorrow to try it on heads much larger then mine so I can maybe get some perspective. I -really- hope I don’t have to frog it and start all over again. I used chenille yarn, which is very soft and fluffy. Unfortunately it is so fluffy that a single mistake typically ends with me ripping the whole thing and starting from scratch. (It’s hard to find the exact stitches once the needle is out and it drops stitches stupid easily.)

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