Brain Meats

I love studying people. I love starting conversations with random strangers just so that I can get the opportunity to ask them how they handle or view a certain aspect of language, society, culture, etc. For example, a few months ago I was on a language kick and would ask anyone who let me their definition of the word “smart.” I think it’s wonderful that we all have our own interpretations of various things, but that they are similar enough that we are able to communicate and understand one another during normal conversations. However, I have to wonder how big those differences are and how they impact us on a day to day basis. For example, the differences between the words “jealousy” and “envy.”

A few weeks ago I randomly found a new fascination. I was fighting the head monkeys (translation – anxiety/depression/trapped in my head) and my typical methods of dealing just weren’t as effective as they had been in the past. In a fit of desperation, I posted the question to friends. Their responses actually surprised me and made me think. I really want to know how people deal with their own head monkeys. Why does this way work for someone and not for another? What is it about that thing? For example, a few people told me that when they get depressed they allow themselves to feel it all and cry it out. Then you have someone like me who rarely to never cries. (This is not a *pounds on chest* me to tough to cry. This is an actual I just don’t except on rare occasions.)

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