Random Geekery

I want to get back into blogging, but every time I start I keep getting a bit too meta and that doesn’t need to be aired publicly.

Instead, weekend adventures!

I really have been failing at costumes this year. I wanted to dress up as one of those yipyip aliens from Sesame street, but had immense difficulty leaving my house and never got the materials. (I’ve finally realized why I have so much trouble leaving the house these days. My house = safety. I can pretend that the world doesn’t exist for as long as I’m in my room.)

A friend initiated an invitation for me to attend a Halloween gathering last Saturday that she herself had to bow out of. I had met the hosts once or twice before and was on friendly terms so I figured “what the hell? New people and new opportunities for adventure!” I’m really glad that I went.

I wore the vagina dentata (which is quickly becoming my back up costume) and introduced myself by running up to people and nomming on them with it. I met some fantastic people who were just as geeky as me. There were conversations ranging from second life, to knitting, to arguments about Doctor Who, to the meta. I had an absolutely marvelous time!

Other news:

I have a niece now! Matt and Premal spawned an adorable little girl named Maya. I’ve seen pictures and I simply cannot wait to meet her! I’m going to give her a cuttlefish stuffed animal. I figure that while other little girls are curling up around with teddy bears and dolls, she’s going to have dragons and tentacle beasts.

I’ve lost my food stamps unfortunately. I need a transcript to prove that I was only in two credit hours for school before I can get back on, but it might be too late. I’m going to wait out the next month and reapply. I really need them as they were easily one of the main reasons I was able to get my head above water finally.

I’m starting to look forward to finding a new job and getting a fresh start. I believe strongly in what my organization stands for and I’ve loved it for the most part, but I’ve made so many mistakes that a clean slate would be extremely welcomed. I’ve definitely learned quite a bit about my weaknesses from this job. For one thing, I work really hard on something only to screw myself up in the end. For example, at an event we had recently I developed the budget and found all the supplies we needed. I had everything set up for online check out so that all my co-workers would have to do while I was on vacation would be to enter the credit cards and click “purchase.” For some reason the online shopping cart was empty when they went to purchase things. I was unable to get online for quite a while and they spent several hours analyzing my spreadsheets and trying to find everything again. Random little things like that seem to happen all the damn time no matter how hard I try to avoid them.

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