Creepy Goblin is Creepy

I got a request a few weeks ago for something I had never done before – a scary critter. Almost every toy I’ve made has been sweet, adorable, or just plain awesome. This is how the pattern showed me it would turn out if I followed everything to the letter:

This….is my version:

As you can see, I removed the collar and hair. I also lengthened and sharpened the nose, fingers, toes, and ears. The ears are actually twice the size of the originals! Add beady little eyes and you’ve got a really creepy looking dude. I really didn’t like how I had to knit everything separately and then sew it on. It makes for obvious seams that just look….well…crude in my opinion. I think with some experimentation I can get my next one (another customer request) looking a bit smoother then this pattern based one. I think one of the big differences has to be the fact that I’m not gluing on the eyes but am instead sewing them on.

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