The Adventure Begins…

What a day. I mean seriously, what an emotionally frazzling blow out of a day. For one thing, I am not yet in Botswana, but am about an hour away (by plane) in Johannesburg, South Africa. I missed my flight.

The initial flight to Johannesburg was a fifteen hour blur of movies, sleep, cold, and the occasional in-flight meal.

Now here’s the real adventure – getting lost and confused in the Johannesburg  airport.  My flight out of Atlanta had been delayed so I was going to have to run no matter what. The question was, did I need to get my baggage again and check in once more? I didn’t have a boarding pass and the only thing that proved I was even supposed to be on another flight was my baggage claim tag I’d received from Delta in Atlanta. It was insanity. I ran from one terminal to another, to transit, to out of transit. I was going up to random strangers and asking for help. At one point my stomach twisted into so many knots I had to sit down and drink some water. I think that was after they told me that the girl who had taken me out of transit had screwed up because in doing so I had officially immigrated to South Africa and would not be allowed to go back inside. All this time I have no way of communicating to my poor older brother who was planning on meeting me at the airport. I did finally manage to capture a phone and call him.

Long story short, I have a place to sleep tonight and a ride back to the airport tomorrow. I don’t have an actual ticket yet, but am crossing my fingers I can buy one tomorrow.

I did get a security guard to try hooping with me today while waiting for the shuttle driver to come by.

New things learned today: The term for ma’am in Johannesburg is “mama.” The national language is Zulu and it sounds amazing to listen to. South African drivers are like English drivers in that they drive on the opposite side of the road like the British. I got to ride shotgun in the shuttle 🙂

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